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What is Learn and Serve Niagara?

The purpose of Learn and Serve Niagara is to promote among all members of the university community the knowledge, values and skills necessary for lifelong engagement in the pursuit of social justice. The involvement of Niagara University in service and social change relates to our mission, which urges solidarity with and personal responsibility for insuring the dignity of the human person, especially the poor and marginalized.

What is Service Learning?

  • Service learning is a type of¬†experiential¬†learning.
  • It seeks to promote the mission of the university by enhancing academic skills and lifelong learning.
  • It promotes living, and to encourage students to support and sustain good community relations.
  • Students are involved in projects, ranging from working with the Niagara County District Attorney's Office in the domestic violence program to doing historical research for nonprofit agencies to providing assistance to community members in tax preparation.