Do you need a ride to your site?

Education students do not need to register on this page. Transportation will be provided upon submission of your field placement application.

Transportation is provided to Niagara University students who are participating in Learn and Serve activities that are two or more hours. Students must be registered for the placement or activity prior to signing up for transportation.

Transportation Registration Form

Transportation Hours

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Students leaving NU before 8 a.m. or returning to campus after 5 p.m. must provide their own transportation. NUCAP transportation hours and days are activity dependent.

Transportation Issues

Please contact Learn and Serve at 716.286.8750 or 716.286.8752.


Are you signed up for a NUCAP activity? Transportation is automatically provided for you. You do not have to complete the transportation registration form.

College of Education Students

Transportation is available to College of Education students participating in a field experience placement.

Students who have a campus parking permit are expected to provide their own transportation to and from their field experience placement.

Please verify school closings directly with your participating teacher. Please share such information with the Learn and Serve Office so transportation can be planned accordingly.

Attendance is an important issue. The local schools depend on Niagara students to be there at their scheduled times. Excessive absences (two or more) will be reported to your professor. Students who do not complete their 20 hours by the deadline set by the Teacher Education/Field Experience Office are in jeopardy of receiving an incomplete or failing grade in their courses. You are expected to maintain your field experience schedule throughout the semester and should not plan to complete the 20 hours in two or three full days (extenuating circumstances can be addressed with the College of Education).

Please contact the Teacher Education/Field Experience Office (located in the Academic Complex) at 716.286.8103 or email with questions.