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ReNU Niagara:

ReNU Niagara, originally established in 2006 with government support and NU investment, has worked in partnership with non-profits and other community-based organizations to build residents' and organizational capacity in the City of Niagara Falls and surrounding areas.

In June 2009, ReNU Niagara successfully completed a three-year HUD funded COPC or Community Outreach Partnership Center initiative and, in August 2009, relocated from the North End of Main Street to the heart of a distressed neighborhood in Niagara Falls. ReNU Niagara has refined its mission to better assist neighborhoods in the City of Niagara Falls, and the county's other urbanized areas.


ReNU Niagara engages, empowers and educates diverse community stakeholders to mobilize their collective capacity and resources to improve Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas based on a collaborative vision consistent with the mission and core values of Niagara University.


ReNU Niagara's vision is to be recognized as a leader and vital facilitator for strategic collaborative, community and university-driven initiatives that lead to the improvement of distressed areas and the region as a whole.